Larissa Banks


Co-Owner, Crossfit Kids Head Trainer

Larissa was introduced to CrossFit in 2013 as a variation to her usual training. This variation soon became the norm as the CrossFit BUG firmly took hold. Coming from a science and education background, Larissa is a strong advocate for the CrossFit methodology of developing constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity. She firmly believes that CrossFit caters for everyone and is ready to welcome not only the hard core trainer, but also the socialite, beginner, grandma or spectator into the Box!


Larissa is a primary school teacher by day making her the perfect choice for our kids coach at CrossFit Might. She clearly holds a passion for teaching kids and makes sure each class is filled with enthusiasm and fun!

As a coach Larissa aims to simply help you move better and become the fitter, tougher person you want to be. 

A bit about Riss:

  • Loves food
  • Plays the 70s, 80s playlists
  • Teaches kids
  • Enjoys tequila shots
  • Loves a good snatch session
  • Fav movement: Pistols, Burpees


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Weightlifting
  • CrossFit Kids
  • CrossFit Judges Course
  • ​Blue Card
  • Senior First Aid/ CPR